آوریل 9, 2019
Life Cycle of Leeches
آوریل 9, 2019

Leech Farming

When you hear the word leech what is the first thing that comes into your mind? Maybe leeches will cause for you to have goosebumps or for you to say “eew” because they are some of the creatures which are known to suck human blood. But today, aside from merely being tiny bloodsuckers, they are also already known for the several benefits which they provide to human beings.


This is the reason why leech farming is on its growing popularity. In fact, there can also be lots of profitable businesses which are related to them.

According to studies, these leeches are very useful in cosmetic and in medical purposes as well. In traditional therapy, the leeches will suck the blood of the patient in order for him to have relief from symptoms such as joint pain and headache as well. The leech oil is also known to enhance the sex capability of a certain man. In India, leech oil is also an effective one to prevent a common hair loss problem. It has already been accepted in the United States for therapy purposes. To prevent the spreading of any kind of diseases, the leeches are also treated so that they will only be used on the same patient.

That is the reason why more and more entrepreneurs are venturing into the leech farm business. In addition, this is also a necessity because of the fact that they are getting more extinct. So, to make sure that there will still be more leeches to be used in the clinic, leech farming is encouraged to entrepreneurs. When these leeches are bought by clinics and hospitals, a certain entrepreneur will absolutely become a wealthy one. In farming leeches, you will need more knowledge and know-how than money because this will be the prime key in order for you to assure your success. When it comes to feeding, you will not have problems because leeches only require low maintenance. In fact, they can live up to 1 year even if you don’t give them food.

In the farming procedure, you must take into consideration several factors so the needs of the leeches are met. Some of the factors which you need to be watchful of are water quality where the leeches will be kept and the appropriate temperature. To make sure that the leeches will have a longer life span, you should not place them in chlorinated water. The best option would be to use tap water.
You must also take into consideration the climate especially when you need to ship leeches to clinics of hospitals. Now, what is it is winter and a clinic or hospital badly needs the leeches? If the temperature in that certain area is just in a range of 5 Fahrenheit to 90 Fahrenheit, that can only be the time for you to hip them because the leeches will be in danger if the weather is colder.



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